with Aluglass

If you are a facade contractor or small building company in need of expert technical advice relating to windows, doors, or glazing, we’re ready to deliver your project on time and within the agreed budget. We’re on-hand to offer bespoke technical advice, guidance, products or services in all thing’s glazing.

" Small local building company or facade contractors, all are very welcome to contact us and ask for pricing and expertise "

Adam Gościk – Director 

Why collaborate with us

You may have struggled to balance your project’s needs with budgetary restrictions or technical ability. That’s where we come in.

Wide range of products

Select from a diverse range of our products including windows, curtain walling, glass roofs, and glazing.

15 years of industry expertise

These days, it’s increasingly hard to find suppliers with technical proficiencies as advanced as ours, and it’s what sets us apart in this industry

Projects at any scale

From tiny builds to sprawling developments, we are poised to manufacture and supply projects at any size

Ready to collaborate with your building company

Regardless of size or project demands, if you’re in need of specialty, high-quality glazing manufacture and supply or simply advice and guidance, we are prepared to take your call.